Alistair Dabbs is a freelance journalist and certified tech trainer based in Montpellier and London.

He has worked in technology journalism since 1989, freelance since 1994. His work has appeared in newspapers, computer magazines and design industry titles. These days, it turns up online first and generally stays there.

Alistair is an Adobe Certified Instructor and CompTIA CTT+ classroom trainer. He usually works on contract (e.g. at national newspapers) or as a freelance via training centres – in classrooms, on-site and remote/online.

He is also notorious as a gun-for-hire / troubleshooter / fixer on app development projects at newspapers, magazines and other content publishers.

Back when he thought it might be fun, he wrote some how-to books on design software. If you’re interested in woefully outdated tomes of this genre, you can browse Alistair’s surviving softbound works on Goodreads and Amazon UK.

(Do you find it strange when people talk about themselves in the third person? He does too but it’s a convention when writing biogs. Sorry.)